The Origin Of Foam And Its Benefits

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Foam is a versatile material which is used in almost all types of applications. It is easy and flexible to use and is the ideal material for upholstery works. From car seats to mattresses, polyurethane foam is the most comfortable and cost effective filling material for various products.
Polyurethane foam was first created in Germany in the year 1937. From then onwards till today, the advantages of the item has increasingly become clear to the people, making it the most preferred malleable product in the world. Foam has become a very crucial requirement for delivering comfort.

The Advantages
Foam is used for various applications of upholstery in Sydney and comes in different types. No other material can provide comfort similar to it. An upholsterer makes products using foam with care so that they last for years. In addition, foam has environmental benefits. The containment of air makes the material lightweight, which reduces emission in transport applications. Polyurethane foams are durable than any other material and that means it values your money.
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Memory foam adapts to the shape of the user and thus, is ideal for arthritis patients. People who suffer from back pain prefer foam bed rather than spring types. Initially it was designed for astronauts, but memory foam beds are increasingly becoming popular in the modern times as they help to ensure the most comfortable sleep. This is because memory foam distributes the weight of the body evenly and gives support exactly where it is required. Because of its sturdiness, a user get undisturbed sleep despite of the movement of his/her partner.

Foam Insulation
Foam insulation is evolving quickly, and is achieving great reputation in the construction sector. As the foams contain air in them, they provide good blockade to keep your room at normal temperature in summer as well as winter. Due to a foam’s airtight seal, many other insulation materials fail to deliver the way it performs.

Types of Foam

Open cell structure

The pores in this foam gets connected to each other in a form of interconnected network. It generally has low density and appears like sponge. This type of foam is used in chairs and cushions.

Closed cell structure

This type of foam does not have an interconnected network and is often called cross-linked. It is a solid foam and has a greater compressive strength. Moreover, the foam is known for it’s dimensional stability, and absorbs less moisture.

Re-bonded foam

It is a type of foam which is recycled from grinding old foam. The old, rough foams are grounded into small bits and bonded back together. This makes the foam a bit heavier with the best impact absorption quality.
Thus, foam is the best solution for all types of upholstery & refurbishment applications, and the benefits are enjoyed worldwide.

Thus, foam is the best solution for all types of upholstery & refurbishment applications, and the benefits are enjoyed worldwide.


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