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The Best Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

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Outdoor Cushions
Cotton Cushions
Cotton CoushionCotton Cushion is a heavy duty fabric, is relatively inexpensive, and is used in many outdoor applications. It’s hard-wearing and dyes easily.

Duck Cloth Cushion
Duck cloth Cushion is the biggest difference between the two is that duck cloth has a tighter weave.

Textilene Fabric Cushion
Textilene Fabric cushion
Textilene fabric Cushion is woven polyester with a PVC coating. Used for sling seating, sun shades, and outdoor furniture, it is waterproof and fade resistant.

Olefin Fiber Cushion
Olfin Cushion
Olefin Cushion is ideal to use for cushion inserts, as well as for cushion covers. It can easily stand up to mold, heat, sun, and wet weather.

Vinyl Cushion
Vinyl Cushion, is hardy and easy to clean.While its impact on the environment and on health has been a subject of debate for decades, vinyl is recyclable.

Curtain Fabric Cushion
Curtain fabricCushion
Curtain fabric cushion is found in sheer fabric and also heavy fabric. Make some cushions with heavier fabric and some with lighter fabric for a softer, textured look for scattered cushions.

Shower Curtains cushion
Shower curtscushion
Shower curtains cushion are water resistant and in some cases even waterproof. They come in many varieties and are usually on sale somewhere.



All You Need To Know About Cushion Foams

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Cushion Foams

If the foam in your sofa cushions is not up to the mark, it can start to disintegrate and lose its softness in a short time. The sagging cushions can make the entire furniture look old and tired, and also make it uncomfortable for sitting. Replacing the foam is the best quick fix solution.

To be familiar with the basics, foam is measured in two standards: density and compression. Density refers to the amount of material in one cubic foot; the more the density, the more the cubic foot will weigh. Compression refers to the amount of force required to compress the cubic foot by 25 percent. These are the basics of a typical foam. This type of foam is used for a wide range of purposes. But in the case of most cushions, polyurethane foam is used. It is available in multitudes of grades which can indicate the expected number of years of wear and different stages of firmness in a wide range of price list. It is also used to make upholstery.

Foam is also rated by the expected years of use. For example, a five-year foam means the particular foam will not deteriorate for at least five years of daily usage. Similarly, a 10 or 15-year foam means that it will last for 10 to 15 years. Some products are also rated as high resilience, which means high-quality cushion foam with a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot. Latex foam, which is made from rubber, can have a density of 3 to 15 pounds per cubic foot.

Cushions having a foam core wrapped with poly-fill can provide the best rebounding properties. The inner core of the foam determines the part of softness and firmness of the couch. The foam cushions provide the rebounding effect that is absent in fibre filled cushions.

If your foam cushion material is older than 10 years, or is beginning to get a round shape at the front edge, then probably your foam need to be replaced. Foams of varying densities offer the upholsterer an opportunity to select a specific type based on the usage and the client’s needs. The rounded edge occurs because you tend to use the front of your cushion to a greater degree than the rest of the cushion. Replacing the foam is not a DIY job and it needs the service of a professional.

So if you have such a rounded cushion in your home do not hesitate and contact a good upholsterer in Sydney.