Upholster Your Furniture Items For Christmas

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Home Ready For Christmaswwww1.jpgUpholstered furniture items are highly cherished by homeowners in Sydney, but even the most well-maintained ones can wear out with passage of time. However, it does not mean that worn out furniture items are to be disposed of in favour of new ones. Besides that, it may not always be possible to buy new upholstered chairs or couch, since they are generally quite expensive.

Have your upholstered furniture items started to show conspicuous signs of wear and tear? Then why not give them the gift of refurbishment and new life this holiday season? When handled by a good specialist of upholstery in Sydney, your couch or armchair can feel and look as if it’s been entirely reborn. A properly done refurbishment job would do more than just repairing the damages or wear and tear. Before the task of re-upholstery begins, you can discuss with your service provider what you want exactly – a wholly different fabric scheme, a complete restoration job keeping in mind the original aesthetics or something else.

The best thing about getting your old furniture re-upholstered before Christmas is not just the fact that the items would seem feel and seem classier & refined, but they will also add significant value to your abode for many years to come. Besides benefitting from revitalised, bright and fresh furnishings to your home, you can be sure that the reupholstered articles would increase the degree of comfort currently offered by them.

But before getting your furniture items reupholstered for Christmas, there is one thing that you will have to deal with meticulously. It is imperative that you find a good business that offers quality upholstery jobs at standard rates. Do your research carefully for locating the best service providers in your area. Once you have taken 3 or 4 professionals into consideration, contact them one by one and ask for a free quote from each. Compare the quotes to see who is providing the exact service that you need in exchange for reasonable prices. Also, visit their business sites and check the ‘testimonials’ section to see the feedback posted by previous clients. Go with the one who has got the highest number of positive reviews.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find a good upholsterer to have your worn out furniture items reincarnated in a new avatar of extreme comfort and stylish appeal for Christmas.

4 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

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Home Ready For Christmas6ttrtr.jpgPreparations for Christmas and the New Year are already underway in full swing. Like everyone else, you too, might be planning to decorate your home with the colours of X-mas and throw a party for friends & family. However, before you execute any of the task, it is very important to make sure that your home is in proper order. Repairing a few things here & there and doing a little bit of cleanup can help to establish a tidy environment for hanging up decorations and throwing a Christmas bash.

So here are some effective tips that will help you to prep your home before the Christmas break:

Do Carpet Cleaning

Home Ready For Christmas6y.jpgThe carpets in your home harbour a large amount of dirt, dust, dust mites and hairs of pets, if you have any. And dust mites & pet hairs are among the most common agents that trigger allergic reactions in humans. So, if you don’t want your party invitees to sneeze and cough due to the contaminants present in your carpets, then ensure a thorough cleanup well in advance. You can either use DIY methods, or call in professionals to get the best results.

Fix Your Furniture

Home Ready For Christmas89.jpgIs there any chair or couch that you have been wanting to get repaired or refurbished for quite some time now? Then contact reliable experts offering the service of furniture repair and upholstery in Sydney. After all, you will be needing all the sitting space you can get when your peeps come over during the holidays. In case you have any broken plastic or glass furniture, then buy a replacement or have the glass changed.

Maintain Your Garden
maintain-your-garden556Since your garden is the first thing that your guests would see as soon as they enter upon your property, it must be given a thorough makeover too. Start by simply mowing your lawn area and then, prune the plants nicely so that they do not create an obstruction. In case your backyard space is an entertaining area of your house, then keep it well lit to make sure that visitors can find their way around after sunset.

Dust Everything

Home Ready For Christmast88.jpegLast but not the least, dust, vacuum and mop throughout the house regularly during the weeks leading to the holidays. Clean around the TV, stereo, entertainment centre, cabinets and so on. Also, don’t forget to remove cobwebs and dust from the ceilings.

Following these tips will leave you with an immaculate abode for hosting the grand Christmas party that you want to.

Tips To Renovate The Interior Of Your Car

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luxafoam8.jpgYou may have hired an interior decorator several times to renovate and redesign the interior part of your house. Renovation not only provides you with a home full of new features and utilities, but also transforms it into your dream abode. But what about your car? Have you ever thought about renovating the interior of your old car? Stated below are top tips of renovating a car’s interior within a pocket friendly budget. Have a look –

1. Car steering cover
Car steering cover7.jpgStart with the car steering cover. The importance of steering covers are often overlooked, but these can protect your hands from slipping down the wheel and give you a better grip.

2. Steering knob
steering-knob2If you love to use the steering wheel with one hand, then including a steering knob in your car is a must. The knob generally stays fixed on the steering wheel, and can rotate independently. It will not only enhance the appearance of your car’s interior, but also make steering with one hand an easy and effortless experience.

3. LED light
LED_DaytimeRunningLights.jpgIt is often seen that cars look dingy or dull at night. So to prevent your car from getting dull in the night time, you can install LED lights on its roof and brighten up the interior of your car without affecting your vision while driving.  These lights are pleasant in nature, and also available in a wide range of options to choose from. They will improve the utility as well as the looks of your car.

4. Reupholstery of car seats
reupholstery-of-car-seatsDue to rough usage, the seats of an old car can suffer from serious damages, wears and tears. If you find any such mutilation, then resort to reupholstering the seats. However, it can be difficult for you to do the reupholstery job all by yourself. Thus, it is advisable to hire an expert providing the service of upholstery in Sydney who can do the job efficiently for you.

5. Wooden beat seat
Wooden beat seat.jpgIn order to accessorise your car with beautiful features, you can even add wooden beat seats. They will not only enhance the appearance of your car, but also provide a comfortable seating for you as well as the passengers.

Therefore, start to remodel the interior of your old car by following all the aforementioned ideas now.

Greenish Brown Patches On Your Boat Seats? Here’s How You Clean Them

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Greenish Brown Patches On Your Boat Seats? Here’s How You Clean Them .jpgThere are many boat owners who assume that cleaning mould and mildew growth off the seats of their vessel is a difficult task. As such, they hire professional cleaners to get the job done. However, little do they know that they can get rid of those greenish brown patches all by themselves, without the help of any expert.

Preventing mildew from forming on boat seats is quite easy, but it does not mean that eliminating them after they have started to grow is difficult. Most boats in Northern Beaches have vinyl marine upholstery on their seats. This implies that some regular household cleaners are enough to remove the mildew spots and stains. Given below is the correct procedure of cleaning mould from boat seats using household cleaners:

Things You Will Need
  • Clean water
  • Baking soda
  • Scrub brush
  • White vinegar
  • Bucket
  • First of all, you will detach the boat seats from their places entirely. In case that is not possible, then dock or anchor your vessel in an area with plenty of sunlight. Once you have done that, fill half of the bucket with water and other half using vinegar. You will be able to get the required amount of vinegar from any grocery or retail store.
  • After mixing the water and vinegar, stir the solution for some time to combine the ingredients thoroughly. Next, take one of the seats and rinse it properly using clean water. When that is done, sprinkle it with a significant amount of baking soda. Then, scrub the areas with mildew as well as the entire seat properly using a scrub brush. Doing so would ensure that the whole seat looks neat and tidy once the task is cleaning task is complete.
  • Finally, rinse the clean seat with the solution of vinegar and water. The baking soda & vinegar will react with each other and form bubbles. Leave the seat under direct sunlight so that it can dry. Repeat the same thing for the other seats as well and then reinstall them altogether.

Since vinegar contains acetic acid, it kills off the mildew and prevents future mildew growth. Make sure the seats are completely dry before you cover them and install back into their places. Consult with a professional and take suggestions as to what you need to do for preventing mould from growing back again later on.

Things You Should Consider While Shopping For Upholstery Fabrics

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things-you-should-consider-while-shopping-for-upholstery-fabricsPlanning to buy new fabrics for getting that old couch of yours upholstered? Before you start looking up different choices available in the market, do some research on the factors that you should consider for making the right choice. The foremost consideration, as most of us know, is colour. However, simply taking the shade of the material into account won’t be enough. Here a few other things that you will have to inspect carefully as well:


Durability is a very important factor when it comes to buying upholstery fabric. You obviously would not want to end up with something that doesn’t last long. Materials with woven patterns are much tougher compared to those having printed ones. Besides that, tight weaves and higher thread are also common factors indicating that a fabric is durable. If you have pets in the house, go for something that can withstand excessive wear and tear.


The fabric you pick has to reflect the character and style of the item it would be covering, be it a couch or an armchair. For instance, conventional options will excellently suit traditional furniture pieces. However, your choice should also blend in well with the theme or style prevailing throughout the house. Bold and large patterns can look good in spacious rooms, whereas muted patterns would go well with a space having limited floor area.


As has been mentioned already, colour is a very important factor when it comes to buying upholstery fabric. Just like bold patterns, bold tones do not look good when used in a large room as well. Also, make sure you avoid coloured fabrics if you have got pets and children at home. Do not forget to take into account the colour temperature. Choose cool or warm hues as per the mood you wish to establish. Steer clear of trendy colours because their popularity usually fades away after sometime.

Apart from the above mentioned considerations, there are just a handful of others things that should affect your purchase of fabrics for upholstery in Sydney. Make sure what you buy is fade resistant because it would prove to be useful when the furniture is placed in area receiving lots of sunlight. Also verify whether it is resistant to mildew or not, especially if you reside in a region with humid climate. Do not buy something delicate or highly textured in case you have pets.

How to Choose A Good Upholsterer

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WebsitebannerWhen it comes to finding any good businessman or tradesman in general, it is quite difficult. Finding a good upholsterer is the same deal. When you begin your search for one, you should see for how long they have been in business. If he or she has been practising for quite some time, then it could only mean that they are good at what they do.

If you were to select an upholsterer, be careful about who you choose and make a meticulous decision. If the one you are considering brags about their work, there can be only two possibilities – either their work is the absolute best or not at all decent. Someone who does not talk highly of their work is usually the option that you want to go with. It is better to be satisfied with someone who completes the job with quality than be disappointed with an amateur bragger who does not live up to their word about how great their work is.

Now, speaking of quality, it may depend on you how much you want to spend for your furniture. If you are not looking forward to pay adequately on refurbishing, then you are better off having a cheap upholsterer do it with low quality. Just do not complain about how bad it looks when the work is complete. Good quality work will often require you to spend a good sum. However, you must understand that some upholsterers will have more experience in one area of work than in others, so take this into consideration as well.

Taking a step back, begin looking through resources for locating some reputed upholsterers. Ask friends, family, neighbours, etc. if they can recommend you a good one. If that does not work, go through your phone directory or Yellow Pages. You can also visit fabric stores and antique shops, they usually keep a list of upholsterers that you can get in contact with. The last option you can resort to is searching the Internet and trying to get hold of some good options from there.

Take the chance to look at different companies offering the service of upholstery in Sydney before making a final decision. Each upholsterer is different and uses different supplies. If you want certain supplies to be used, explain it to them in your order. Some upholsterers will strip the furniture down to repair or check anything that needs to be fixed, others will just take the cover off and not repair anything, or there may be a few that will throw a new cover over the old one.

Once you have found an upholsterer for having your furniture refurbished, make sure you carry a written list of your requirements when visiting their shop. It is better to carefully inspect your furniture yourself for making the job easier. When you meet them, ask if you can take a look at their finished works or pictures of their work that they have done for other customers. If you do like their work, make sure that you explain your order very clearly. It will save you disappointment if you are specific about what you want.

Take all these characteristics and ideas into decision-making to have your furniture upholstered. In the long run, you could prevent yourself from making a terrible mistake.

Popular Upholstery Fabrics For Outdoor Furniture

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Apart from decorating the interior part of a room, accessorising the outdoor area with some bright colours and fabrics has also been a popular practice among many homeowners for quite some time now. Besides that, modern outdoor cushions are used more than any other accessories for adding an extra elegance and attractiveness to the exterior part of a house. Earlier, cushions were only used for sitting and softening the hardness of a chair. They were small cloth bags containing materials like feathers, wool and even papers. But today, many homeowners add personal decorative styles to increase the creativity and attractiveness of their patio area. Different types of bright colours, textures, printings etc. also play a significant role. There are a variety of chair cushion materials available in the market. Each of them has its own unique features and characteristics. So if you are looking for a change in order to give your outdoor space a new look, or just want to replace torn cushion fabrics with new ones, go through the two different types of fabrics that have been stated below and choose from among them accordingly.

Sunbrella : 

Sunbrella is one of the most popular brands in Australia manufacturing fabrics for furnishing outdoor furniture. The materials they produce are built by using different cotton and synthetic blends. Solution dyed refers to the colouring process of their fabric. Sunbrella fabrics have the ability to resist sunlight as well as colour fading. The manufacturing process of these outdoor fabrics involves treatment with chemicals, to make the products rotting, soiling and water resistant. The fabrics are ideal for outdoor upholstery and can even be utilised for refurbishing furniture that need to kept near swimming pool.

Cotton Duck Canvas : 

Cotton duck canvas has been used for making cushion fabrics since the 13th century. It is prepared weaving two yarns together in order to form a plain weave. The fabric are durable and inexpensive in nature. They are also highly water resistant in nature, but may sometimes retain small amounts of water within themselves that can cause mould and mildew problems in future. Thus it is advisable to apply waterproof treatments on cotton duck canvas fabrics at least once in a year. However, after the dying process has been done, do not use bleach for cleaning the material.

So, just order your preferred outdoor upholstery cushion fabrics in Northern Beaches and impart a brand new look to your patio furniture besides ensuring their protection from weather elements.